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    Poisonous TooT

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    Haisam A.

    Born in the year 1547 this time traveler has passed through time and space to do one thing and that's play Bass, so check his slapping skills as he gives out some of the grooviest beats known to man!


    Know simply as M. this vegetarian vampire roams the earth to spread the power of his synthesizers and the captivating music from his keyboard, this is no mere mortal.

    Dina M.

    This stunning beauty can do it all; sing, write, and play the fricking guitar all while spinning slick rhymes, and proving that she has what it takes to kick your a** to the curb. Mess with her if you dare!

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    We are a band that will blow your minds with our non-existent Music that you'll never hear because it doesn't exist yet that is... but trust us if it did you'll know about it!!!

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    "One of the BEST fake bands ever!"

    - Some Guy , Fake Music Magazine


    "You'll Never listen to something like them."

    - Same Guy, I Love Pizza magazine

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